Author: Pat Pattinson

A Business Health Check is a measurable assessment tool which accurately identifies areas of improvement whilst at the same time providing suggestions of possible projects of improvement in these areas. This tool is not just aimed at struggling businesses, but for all businesses wishing to stay current and improve its operations and ultimately, its bottom line.

The process used by CPM Services is based on a set of predetermined questions. The results obtained will indicate the sets of questions to follow depending on the business’ specific outcomes.

From here, the business coach will investigate specific areas of improvement within the business using the resources best suited to the unique area identified.

Benefits of a business health check

Once the business health check has been completed, it will identify the key areas of improvement needed, and prioritise these areas into measurable projects with clearly defined and desired outcomes.

Often it becomes difficult for business owners to realise that they need to adapt their business and accept that the methods they have always used, no longer work. This business health check takes a snapshot of a business and allows the owner to stand back and take a look at the full picture. Businesses and the business environment are constantly changing and your business needs to stay up to date.

The business health check is designed to speed up existing processes, but should not be regarded as a quick fix. Instead, it is a strong indicator of the processes that needs to be taken as often as possible.

Business owners need to constantly measure and adapt their business processes and a detailed health check is the perfect tool to analyse a business. The process in itself is fairly simple. Utilising this tried and tested tool with its range of carefully designed questions allows you to benchmark your business against market leaders in your industry.