Author: Pat Pattinson

Although most of us celebrate or at least take part in the activities of Valentine’s day, few of us actually know the true history of Valentine’s Day. This however does not stop us from having an opinion on the day.

Showing someone you care can never be a negative thing. Yes you should perhaps do it more than once a year, but us males sometimes need a little kick in the right direction. This of course does not mean we don’t care. It simply means that we have been given the opportunity to do that little something extra. That could mean as little as breakfast in bed or a stolen rose, or it could mean big diamond rings and weekends away. What we spend is in no way a measure of how much we care, it is simply meant to be a token of our affection.

In my mind spending some extra on the one you love should not be frowned upon, even if it is just on this one day. It simply means that you are dividing your spend to an industry that does not normally fall into your spending habit. Going overboard and spending money you don’t have can’t be blamed on a day it is still up to all of us to live within our means.

Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s day, St Patricks day, Halloween and even the newest addition Singles day are days that give certain industries a little boost and again in my mind the day does not matter and the day can’t be blamed for our spending habits. The day can simply be blamed for the joy it brings to those who choose to make it a part of their lives.

So go out and buy your girlfriend and the women you love some flowers. Just make sure your wife doesn’t find out about them.