Author: Pat Pattinson

The purpose of an elevator pitch is to stimulate interest, not close a deal”

An elevator pitch is basically just a short summary or script used to quickly, simply and effectively define or introduce yourself, your business and perhaps one specific product or service and is completed with an open ended question – one that forces the listener to think and respond to your pitch – and that is where your relationship starts.

This elevator pitch is a script that must be rehearsed and possibly written down and must be known by heart. This will allow you to confidently introduce yourself and your company to a complete stranger and when one considers the possibilities brought to us by “The six Degrees of Separation”, you never know the impact this Elevator pitch might have.

This elevator pitch must not be used to try and sell a product then and there and must not be used to force a relationship. It is there to create an interest and to entice the receiver to continue to conversation, thus the open ended question at the end.

Forcing your contact details on the listener during this process is also a mistake as you only have 30 seconds. Unless he has a photographic memory what is the chance of him remembering your contact number or even your email address? If your pitch hits the spot he or she will ask for it otherwise just give him your card, all your contact details are there anyway.

Let’s see how well I practise what I teach. My elevator pitch is:

“Hi I’m Pat. I work for Corporate Project Management better known as CPM Services and we are probably best known for our antics in business rescue. What is not so well known is the fact that Business Rescue is only a small part of our focus. Our core focus is on business coaching to all size businesses. Are you familiar with business coaching?”

So go ahead rate my elevator pitch, but only once you have loaded yours.