Author: Pat Pattinson

Business Rule Number 5:

business rule number 5

As time goes on, it seems that the customer continually wants more. Not only that, but they want it cheaper and they want it faster. And what’s wrong with that? After all, the written rule is that ‘the customer is always right’. And the fact of the matter is that without customers you will have no business. So what could be more important than keeping a customer happy? Perhaps, dare I say, PROFIT. After all, we are not in business to satisfy customers, we are in business to make a profit!

As business owners, we need to realise that we teach our clients how to treat us. By allowing customers to handicap us, we fail them in the long run. When businesses succumb to pressures to make a product cheaper, the product and ultimately the company will suffer.

Some customers are simply not worth having. This means that the deficiency suffered when referring to customers is ultimately not just the number of customers, but the quality of customers as well. As business owners we need to secure a larger number of better suited customers and keep them for longer.