Author: Pat Pattinson

Tiger Woods was a child prodigy. Being introduced to the game at age 2, appearing in Golf Digest at age 5 and, 20 years into his professional golfing career, having 106 professional wins to his name, it’s no surprise that he is known as one of the greatest sportsmen of our time.

But not even a marvel like Tiger could have done it all on his own. To be the best, merely relying on natural talent wasn’t going to cut it. He needed guidance, an outside eye to monitor his game, in order for him to rise to the top. He needed a coach.

Let’s compare Tiger’s career to your business. Your business might be thriving. You might be the best at what you do, have the best product on the market or have a competitive edge that makes you stand out above the rest. But what if I told you, you could be even better?

That’s where business coaching comes in. The CPM family is growing – we’re now offering potential franchisees the opportunity to open a business coaching venture with us. Why? Because every business that exists has an opportunity to improve itself, and what better way to improve than with coaching?

The biggest misconception about business coaching is that it’s only for businesses that are in trouble, but that’s just not true. Just like Tiger Woods, who was already a fantastic golfer, it took hours of coaching to elevate him to where he is today – number 1. Don’t you want your business to rise to number 1 too?

But just like in golf, becoming number 1 isn’t as easy as a few coaching sessions a week. Coaching is a collaboration between the coach and the player. Tiger woods may have had the best coaches, but if it wasn’t for the hours of practice he put in, he wouldn’t have seen the same results.

The bottom line is that business coaching is for business owners who want to grow and improve their business. And with business coaching, your bottom line will do nothing but grow and grow and grow!